Two Squared Red Wine Napa

Two Squared Red Wine Napa

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Two Squared Red Wine Napa Valley by Alpha Omega 2021 AO2

Patterning itself after most of the top estates of Bordeaux, Alpha Omega offers an elegant second wine brand, Two Squared by Alpha Omega

"Two Squared wines are designed to be approachable in both flavor and price. Opulent, fruit-driven and generous, with a backbone of acidity and elegance, these wines are produced by masterful blending across terroirs evocative of Napa Valley’s modern style. TWO2 is the best of both worlds in its inspiration and creation. Don’t let this one slip through your hands, grab a case or two and enjoy!"

Two Squared winemakers acquire fruit from younger Napa Valley vineyards that display a silky tannin profile and opulent texture which allow for early accessibility. We have unearthed a range of privately-owned boutique vineyards, hidden gems tucked in secret pockets of Napa Valley, that only Mother Nature and our winemaking team are fortunate enough to touch"

Taste "Explosion of fresh cherries, violets, hints of marzipan, cherry pits, Campari, vanilla beans, almond milk chocolate, cloves, tomato stems, lemongrass. On the palate: Fresh entrance opening to structuring granular tannins, notes of chocolate sauce, cookie dough, fresh cherry, root beer, wild blueberry, candied red cherry, pencil shaving, a hint of Meyer lemon meringue"

 91% CS, 4% Me, 3% Ma, 2%PV

Red Wine / Blend