Roccafiore Grechetto Umbria

Roccafiore Grechetto Umbria

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Cantina Roccafiore Fiordaliso 2019 Grechetto di Todi Umbria Italy

Todi is located in Umbria, the Green Earth of Italy, 140 km North of Rome, in a hilly, unique and uncontaminated landscape. A farm scenario of long history and great charm. The territory of Todi is in a big part covered in woods that define its sweet hills. Sunflowers alternate with vineyards, olive trees with crops and with buildings in stone testifying the long farming tradition of these lands.

Among this quiet landscape, hills and green valleys which make this land unique and rich in art and history, rises the Roccafiore Winery. Grape-growing practices is adherent to a natural and environmentally sustainable farming and in all the fifteen hectares.


After years of research, at Roccafiore we have come to understand the real potential of the G5 clone, a “pioneering” path aimed at smoothing the edges of rusticity and wisely enhancing the distinctive elements: the elegance and smoothness on the palate are an immediate example, such as the tension and sapidity, the extractive richness that never invades. The result of harmony and balance that converge in this wine is the result of years of work in the vineyards and of intuitions in the winemaking, technique and vision that have led Roccafiore today to become the leading company in the research about grechetto, with the intent to raise the quality standards day after day.

 Umbria has always been a region with a marked whitish soul, due to a long tradition in the production of great white wines. Grechetto di Todi is an ancient native vine of the area, already mentioned by Pliny the Elder in the pages of the Historia Naturalis. The author, describing a particular type of vine, with a characteristic taste wrote: “Peculiaris est tudernis” or: it is typical of Todi.