Moulin de Gassac Folie Pet Nat

Moulin de Gassac Folie Pet Nat

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Moulin de Gassac Folie Pét-nat South of France Sparkling Wine


Pleasant fresh white Flower notes with seductive notes of fruit aromas. Dancing freshness with lots of vitality. The wine greets your palate with grapefruit zest with a touch of minerality. Perfect for a friendly aperitif on it's own.
"Hand-picked grapes from the highest and coolest vineyards of Daumas Gassac, the grapes are carefully pressed and only the first crush is used. The juice is fermented in steel tanks on its own sediment which gives a light base mousse. Bottled and “corked” with a crown cap before fermentation is complete, allowing CO2 to develop. There is no added dosage, only the tiniest delectable splash of natural residual sugar"
So called “Farmer Fizz” is all the rage these days. And this is one of the finest. Pet Nat

Bubbles / Sparkling